Discover Why Green PVC’s PVC Compound Is Becoming a Sensation in the African Market

Green PVC Compound Is Becoming a Sensation in the African Market: We own quarry, technology, price, and experience. Submit all information here to receive the latest news on our PVC compounds.

PVC COMPOUND (Polyvinyl Chloride Compound) is essentially the raw material used to make end products such as cable &wire insulation and sheathing, automotive cables, shoe soles, garden hoses, refrigerator gaskets, pipe fittings, corrugated pipes, electrical conduits, window profiles, etc. This material combines PVC resin powder, CaCO3, and other essential additives to meet customer quality standards.

Different sources of PVC Compound exist worldwide, such as in Egypt, India, Vietnam, Brazil, and Arab Saudi Arabia.

Green PVC from Vietnam famous for high quality
Green PVC from Vietnam, famous for high quality

Why is the PVC Compound of Green PVC from Vietnam famous for its competitive price, high quality, and stability compared to other world sources and the African market?

pvc compound Green PVC
Green PVC could control the quality of our source of CaCO3 powder

Why Green PVC’s PVC Compound Is Becoming a Sensation in the African Market:

Owning high reserve & soft limestone quarries for the African Market

Thanks to our limestone quarries, green PVC and other outstanding Vietnam suppliers could exploit soft CaCO3 powder with small particle sizes. Green PVC has strong support from Global Minerals, a Nhat Huy Group member. Global Minerals Factory is a famous brand supplying high-quality calcium carbonate powder worldwide. Therefore, Green PVC could control the quality of our source of CaCO3 powder to produce a PVC compound of stable quality for final production.

Green PVC factory owns large limestone quarries.

State-to-the-art Technology and Strict Quality Control of Output and Input for African Market

Green PVC JSC is an ISO 14001-2015 and 9001-2015 certified company, so we strictly follow a quality control management process for our input raw material and output products.  

The leading PVC compound supplier in Viet Nam

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, modern laboratory facilities & the experienced technical department, Green PVC is establishing many highly qualified products to send the best material to the customers. Our output must be tested in our testing laboratory, equipped with the most modern testing machines from Taiwan, Korea, Germany, etc. Tested factors include Density, Hardness, Tensile Strength, Elongation at Break, Thermal Stability, Color Matching, etc.

To maintain continuously good output quality, we follow a very strict quality control process for input materials and ensure reputable sources of supply: PVC resin (from Formosa Taiwan, source of Calcium Self-sufficient Carbonate (we have limestone quarries), Plasticizer (from Akyeung Korea), many other additives.

Green PVC factory in Nghe An, Viêtnam

Especially towards sustainable development, our PVC Compound material is eco-friendly and non-toxic, and it is Lead-Free, Reach, and RoHS compliant.

The good price due to the labor cost condition for the African Market

Vietnam is listed as one of the markets with the cheapest labor costs globally. All Vietnamese PVC Compound factories have abundant and cheap labor in mountainous areas. This low labor cost advantage is helping Green PVC reduce costs and supply our customers with the best FOB price.

Long-year exporting experience, including in the African Market

Green PVC is the first factory in Vietnam to export to Africa and now has more than 7 years of experience exporting PVC Compound to Africa. Output a monthly volume of 2,000Mts/ month to all African countries like Tanzania, Morocco, Nigeria, Kenya, Ivory Coast, etc.

We export to well-known African customers like Nexans Group in Nigeria and Ghana, one of the world’s biggest wire and cable manufacturers. OK plast in Cameroon- a big pipe and fitting producer in Africa), etc.

Besides, with a strong logistics team with 7 years of experience working with the African market. We provide special certificates to Africa: CoC, FERI Certificate, SGS Inspection, Soncap, ANOR Certificate, CargoX, etc.

Therefore, we understand well the quality & technical requirements of customers there. We could suggest to all African customers the best suitable grade & competitive price with different applications.

Green PVC also participates in some of the most significant international trade fairs for processing plastics and rubber. This is the most important event for the industry, with a high presence of exhibitors and international visitors. Therefore, Green PVC’s participation is undoubtedly an important moment to consolidate its presence in this important market.

Some of the international trade fairs that we have attended

  • K plas: the world’s premier plastics and rubber trade fair.
  • MEE: The most comprehensive overview of exhibitions and trade fairs worldwide for plastics, rubber, recycling, packaging, machinery, and technology.
  • PlastIndia: Global manufacturers will offer the latest technologies, equipment, and solutions. You will learn about the field’s latest innovations, trends, and environmentally friendly technology solutions.
  • Arabplast in the Middle East, with plastics and chemicals accounting for the largest share of global crude demand growth by 2030.
  • IPF Bangladesh: The leading trade event for Bangladesh’s plastic, packaging, and printing Industries.

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