Elevate Your PVC Products with Perfect Custom Color Match from Green PVC JSC

At Green PVC JSC, we excel in providing a custom color matching service that ensures our PVC compounds meet and exceed your aesthetic expectations.

In a world where aesthetics can significantly impact product success, having the right color for your PVC products isn’t just an option. It’s necessary.

Explore the custom color matching process of Green PVC

Custom color matching process: Color Specifications

At Green PVC JSC, we start with your vision. You provide us with the color requirements, including RAL/PAL codes, tint preferences, and desired finish (glossy or matte). If you don’t have a specific color code, don’t worry! We can arrange for our logistics partners, like UPS/DHL, to collect a 1kg sample of the PVC granules you currently use at no additional cost to ensure we start on the right note.

Custom color matching process: Initial Color Matching

Custom Color Match

The process begins in our state-of-the-art facilities, where we extrude a sample and conduct a visual comparison of the extruded profile’s color under various lighting conditions—both indoor and outdoor. This initial comparison is crucial as it helps us spot any noticeable differences early on.

Custom color matching process: Precise Instrument Matching

Leveraging advanced color-matching technology, we measure color differences with a Delta E value to guarantee an exact match. This scientific approach ensures the color looks right and perfectly meets your specifications.

Custom Color Match

Custom color matching process: Adjustments for Production Processes

Recognizing that colors can vary between different production processes, such as extrusion and injection molding, we send granule samples for a trial run at our facilities in Vietnam. This step is critical to ensure that the final product maintains color fidelity throughout the manufacturing process and meets your satisfaction.

Why Choose Green PVC JSC for Custom color matching PVC Compound?

Precision of custom color match

Our state-of-the-art color-matching technology utilizes advanced spectrophotometers and precise color measurement tools to ensure your products achieve an impeccable color match every time. Our meticulous process involves comprehensive color analysis and adjustment, considering substrate, texture, and finish factors to deliver accurate and consistent color results.

Flexibility of custom color match

Regardless of the complexity of your specifications, we meticulously adapt our processes to meet your unique needs. Our expert team efficiently handles all aspects of sample collection, including customized logistics and tailored scheduling, to ensure a seamless and responsive service.

Quality Assurance of custom color match

We stand behind our commitment to maintaining unparalleled color quality across varying production techniques and environmental conditions. Through rigorous testing and validation, we ensure that the final product aligns precisely with your vision and meets the highest standards of quality and consistency.

Choose Green PVC

Choosing Green PVC JSC means opting for a partner committed to bringing your vision to life with precision, flexibility, and unwavering quality assurance. Thank you for considering Green PVC JSC for your PVC compound needs. We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate and create products that meet and exceed your expectations.

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