Why is Green PVC Compound from Vietnam preferred in Bangladesh’s PVC Compound market?

Green PVC Compound is preferred in Bangladesh’s PVC Compound market due to its technology, price, service, and export experience. Don’t miss the special promotion for the PVC compound market.

PVC COMPOUND (Polyvinyl Chloride Compound) is the raw material used to make end products such as cable and wire insulation and sheathing, automotive cables, shoe soles, pipe fittings, and corrugated pipes. This material combines PVC resin powder, CaCO3, and other essential additives to meet customer quality standards.

Green PVC compound commits to standard quality

Why is Green PVC Compound from Vietnam preferred in Bangladesh’s PVC Compound market?

Green PVC JSC from Vietnam is one of the most reputable and largest suppliers of PVC compounds in both domestic and international markets. We always ensure that we supply a large volume of PVC Compound to the market while still meeting strict standards of quality and safety. Therefore, with many years of experience, we have a strong customer base in Bangladesh, the USA, Australia, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, etc.

Advanced technology and a strict quality control management system for Bangladesh’s PVC Compound market

We have set up a highly specialized and equipped laboratory to implement the most stringent standards to control quality. This control ranges from examining raw materials through intermediate process inspection to final product quality tests.

At GREEN PVC JSC, we understand the importance of QC and have implemented a system that exceeds ISO Certi ( 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 ). We always take great pride in our products and only use the highest quality raw materials. One of our reliable sources of raw materials is PVC resin from Formos.

Cheap labor cost for Bangladesh’s PVC Compound market

Vietnam is amongst the countries with the least expensive labor costs globally, making it a favorable option for many businesses. Also, the PVC Compound factories of Vietnam are situated on hilly terrains and possess an abundant local labor force, bringing cost savings for production. This low-cost labor advantage allows Green PVC to provide our clients with highly competitive FOB prices.

Vietnam has the least expensive labor costs in the world

Good Packaging and Prompt Delivery Bangladesh’s PVC Compound Market

Next, we are proud to offer excellent packing and prompt shipping. Our PVC compound factory ensures our products comply with international export regulations. We utilize 100% fumigated robust hardwood pallets and a specialized logistics team with years of experience exporting PVC compounds worldwide, especially to Bangladesh. We can also provide custom-made PVC Compound packaging per the customer’s requirement to ensure safe delivery. So, our commitment to excellence sets us apart in the industry and ensures every customer receives a quality product when needed.

Many years of exporting experience, especially exporting to Bangladesh’s PVC Compound market

The company has been in the export business of PVC compounds for more than a decade. We have established a solid customer presence in many major global markets, including Bangladesh. This market represents a significant portion of our customer base.

More than that, with an annual output capacity of up to 20,000 tons, we have established ourselves as a reliable source for all customers’ requirements. Our expertise in this field allows us to offer competitive pricing for all our products and services.

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PVC compound Green PVC has many years of experience exporting PVC Compounds to Bangladesh. We assure you that your order will be delivered on time and in perfect condition. Our products recently acquired distribution rights with an overseas company, which allows us to offer our products at the best competitive price possible. Our PVC Compounds are widely used in various applications such as cable & wire, pipe fittings, and shoe soles. Recognizing all the customers who have chosen and trusted us, we have launched attractive promotions – don’t miss out!


Although Green PVC manufactures a standard range of PVC cable compounds, if you are looking for a solution for a specialty application, Green PVC’s experience is not only in PVC cable compounds but also in PVC as a whole. This can help create a bespoke PVC cable compound for your specific requirements.

Our PVC Compounds can be Formulated for use in a wide variety of Cable applications. With these points, we can customize all properties and colors as customer’s requirements.


2 typical types in Bangladesh’s PVC Compound market


  • ISO 9001-2015 & ISO 14001-2015
  • RoHS 3.0 & Reach 213

Other applications


Green PVC JSC – a member of Nhat Huy Group – is one of the leading manufacturers of PVC compound material, which has good performance in PVC pipe & fittings, PVC Ball Valves, etc.

* Customers: more than 50 countries in the world, including a wide range of customers in Bangladesh: Kohinoor Manufacturing Company, Fuji PVC Pipe & Plastic, PLC Plastics, Gazi Pipe, etc


GREEN PVC offers excellent quality PVC Compound granules to produce footwear and shoe soles. Specific applications from our PVC compound include shoes, shoes, and sports shoes and boots soles.

* Customers: more than 50 countries in the world 

Established in 2014, Green PVC is proud to be a member of Nhat Huy Group with long years of experience in manufacturing and exporting PVC Compounds internationally.

At Green PVC, we specialize in sourcing the best PVC Compounds at an affordable cost with optimal performance. Reach out to us today and take advantage of our special offers. Our team will support you every step of the way.

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Nhat Huy Group is a leading Vietnamese manufacturer and exporter of various products. Founded over a decade ago, we have been doing business with customers worldwide, spreading across five continents.

Green PVC JSC is a PVC compound factory belonging to Nhat Huy Group. Since its inception, the Board of Directors has oriented the company toward industrial production. Our factory has modern equipment, machines, and advanced production lines worldwide.