Perfect your cables with Vietnam PVC compounds from GREEN PVC

Perfect your cables with Vietnam PVC compounds from GREEN PVC: Cost-effective; Comply with all international standards… Find all the information about our PVC compounds here.

Best Vietnam PVC compound for cable

Why should we use Vietnam PVC compounds for cable?

The demand for multiple wire and cable products is rising with the rapid global development of urbanization and building markets. Building wire and cable consumption has increased significantly, particularly for interior wiring, prefabricated branch cables, and high-speed data transmission cables.

PVC compounds are the leading choice for cable insulation and protection across various applications. Why? Their performance benefits deliver excellent value for money, impressive flame retardancy, and long-lasting durability. Adding the additives allows PVC cable compounds to withstand harsh environmental conditions that other compounds cannot.

Unlock surprising benefits with our PVC cable compounds

At Green PVC, we offer a standard range of PVC cable compounds with excellent properties for everyday applications. Our team’s vast expertise in PVC compounds, including cable compounds, ensures that we can develop a tailored solution perfect for your specific requirements.

Our high-quality PVC compounds are specially formulated to meet various cable requirements, including access control, alarm systems, automotive, building wires, and CATV cables. We can customize all properties and colors according to the customer’s needs. Choose us for reliable and customizable cable solutions.

Take a look at the typical features of our PVC compounds designed specifically for cable applications as below:


Regarding environmental friendliness, Green PVC’s PVC cable compounds are leading the way. Unlike other PVC compounds, they contain no harmful heavy metals or phthalates. Instead, they are crafted with sustainable and renewable materials that are completely safe for the environment. Not only does using these compounds for cables reduce environmental damage, but it also meets the performance standards your cable requires. Upgrade to Green PVC’s PVC cable compounds today and positively impact the environment.

Vietnam PVC compounds
Vietnam PVC compounds for FR cable

High-Quality Heat Resistant & Flame Retardant

Get peace of mind with Green PVC’s high-quality PVC compounds, designed specifically for weather-resistant cables. Our expert R&D team has meticulously researched and added special chemical ingredients to boost the PVC compound’s resistance against UV rays and sunlight, with Titanium Dioxide as a primary additive. With our high-grade PVC compounds, you can rest easy knowing your cables are tough enough to withstand extreme weather conditions, staying strong even in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius.

Green PVC’s specialized additives also enhance product stability and durability, rendering it resistant to most inorganic chemicals, impact, flames (with heat resistance up to 105 degrees) and microbial growth. Trust in the superior quality and protection our PVC compounds provide. Partner with Green PVC for weather-resistant cables that stand the test of time.

Customized as requirement

Green PVC offers highly customizable PVC cable compounds to fulfill specific customer requirements. To achieve optimum results, you can choose from a range of insulation and sheathing materials, from flexible to rigid. Our compounds come in various colors to match your brand or product. We can match various performance and environmental needs to ensure they suit different applications. Let us help you tailor your PVC cable compounds to your exact specifications.


Vietnam PVC compounds: Cost effective

Our PVC cable compounds are customizable to meet specific customer needs and prove cost-efficient in the long term. By being durable and requiring less maintenance, they greatly reduce total production costs and provide a sustainable solution for cable replacement needs. Being self-sufficient in CaCO3 powder input materials, we can offer quality input materials that enhance cost-effectiveness for our clients.

Comply with all international standards

Green PVC has nearly two decades of manufacturing expertise. We boast an exceptional range of Vietnam PVC compounds designed for regular and premium-grade cables. Our products adhere to internationally recognized standards for electrical cables, including ISO, ASTM, UL, BS, SNAS, and IEC.

Choose Green PVC’s cable compounds for a safer, high-performing, and cost-effective alternative to commercially available PVC compounds. Our PVC cable compounds will improve your profits and contribute to sustainable growth. Make the right choice by trusting in Green PVC for all your PVC compound needs.

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