PVC compound for weather-resistant power cables

PVC compound for weather-resistant power cables can resist weather elements such as Sunlight, UV rays, and cold temperatures. Please find all the information about our PVC power cable here.

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PVC compound for weather-resistant power cables

Like other materials, PVC’s physical properties can change over time when regularly exposed to extreme weather elements such as UV rays and acids from rainwater… However, using high-grade weatherproof PVC materials to manufacture outdoor products can reduce the above objective impacts. At Green PVC, we offer high-class PVC product codes specialized for cables resistant to weather factors.

Here are some weather factors that are worrisome with conventional power cables and how Green PVC’s PVC compound has addressed those conditions.

PVC compound for weather-resistant power cables: Sunlight & UV rays

Sunlight can degrade PVC power cables running on the ground faster than normal, and UV rays can break down the structure of the PVC material, making it brittle and fragile.

Understanding this situation, Green PVC’s R&D team has researched and used more chemical ingredients to make our PVC compound more resistant to sunlight and UV rays. Several additives are added to change the physical properties of PVC, typically Titanium Dioxide. This substance reflects natural light and absorbs UV rays, resisting UV-induced degradation and damage to PVC cables.

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Green PVC’s PVC power cable is resistant to cold weather

Another weather factor that can also affect the life of PVC power cables is low temperature. Green PVC owns an advanced technology PVC granule production line. The product composition table includes modifiers to help PVC power cables withstand cold temperatures of -40 degrees Celsius, which aligns with each market’s standards.

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