Competency of staff is an important determinant of Nhat Huy Group

Competency of staff is an important determinant of a company’s service quality. Understanding that importance of employees, Nhat Huy Group not only focuses on recruiting talent but also focuses on training and improving professional skills for all employees in the company, especially is a team of salespeople who directly work and deal with customers.

In 2019, with the purpose of improving capacity and helping employees of Nhat Huy Group to realize their potentials at work, Nhat Huy Group organized for employees to participate in many skills training classes. with the guidance of reputable managers and experts.

Nhat Huy Group organized intensive professional skills training sessions with sales staff

The company regularly organizes intensive professional skills training sessions with sales staff. Nhat Huy Group’s employees feel excited and happy at each training session. After the training sessions, employees not only improve their knowledge of career skills but also discover new potentials of themselves. From there, employees will work more productively and efficiently, building customer trust. Nhat Huy Group believes that customers will be more and more satisfied with the quality of the company’s personnel.

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At each training session, the employees of Nhat Huy Group are excited to participate

Everyone listens and gives solutions to each situation

Nhat Huy Group is Vietnamese leading manufacturer and exporter of various products. Founded more than a decade ago, we have been doing business with customers from all over the world, spreading across five continents.

Green PVC JSC is a PVC compound factory that belongs to Nhat Huy Group. Since its inception, the Board of Directors has oriented the company to develop in the direction of industrial production. Our factory are equipped with modern equipment, machines, and advanced production lines from all over the world.