PVC COMPOUND from Green PVC JSC in Vietnam

Green PVC JSC, a member of Nhat Huy Group, is the leading PVC compound manufacturer and exporter in Vietnam. Since 2004, we have been providing quality PVC compounds to over 500 customers in more than 50 countries worldwide. Our PVC compounds are known for their superior quality and are highly sought after by many USA customers.

Green PVC JSC is a manufacturer & exporter from Vietnam, very far away from the United States. What makes us a trustworthy PVC compound supplier for various cable companies in the USA? Despite the long transit time on the sea? How can we become a reputed PVC supplier in the USA market? Let’s find out!

US Approved PVC quality.

Being the TOP 1 Vietnamese Manufacturer of PVC COMPOUND, GREEN PVC JSC has successfully become a trustworthy supplier for our customers in the USA. Our customers are in various fields, like pipes & fittings, valves, hoses, medical tubing, wires & cables, profiles, shoe soles…

A wide range of grades for the US market to choose

1. Cable PVC Compound

Green PVC JSC has a wide range of Rigid & Flexible PVC compounds, from basic to advanced quality. US Wire & Cable, Times Fiber Communications/Amphenol. have found a cheaper source of Cable PVC compound at good quality from Vietnam. Why don’t you try it?

Best grades we recommend for Cable PVC Compound for the US market

2. Transparent PVC compound for Food contact hoses

– Besides standard PVC compound for hoses, we can produce Transparent PVC compound for Food contact hoses as well (~1200USD/MT – 0.55USD/Lbs)

3. PVC Compound for fittings

– Our PVC cell 12454 for fittings has already been approved by the USA market (~1200USD/MT – 0.55USD/Lbs).

Additionally, we guarantee that our PVC compound:

– Not be contaminated with metals, Ferrous or Nonferrous

– NON-Phthalate if needed

* Certificates

Our PVC grades have been certificated with REACH/ ROHS/FDA/ NSF 14/61. Therefore, whatever quality you require, you can count on us.

Please find us your PVC specifications so that we can quote you better!

* References

We have been developing long-term cooperation with customers in different industries, including:

– Tigre USA (Fittings)

– Kuri Tec USA (Hoses)

– Thermoplastic Processes / FBK Medical Tubing (Food contact hoses)

– Times Fiber Communications/ Amphenol (Cables)

– US Wire & Cables (Cables)

Strict quality control process.

Green PVC JSC is an ISO 14001-2015 and 9001-2015 certified company, so we strictly follow a quality control management process for our input raw material and output products.  

Thanks to state-to-the -art technology, modern laboratory facilities & the experienced technical department, Green PVC is establishing many highly qualified products to send the best material to the customers. Our output must be tested in our testing laboratory, which is equipped with the most modern testing machines from Taiwan, Korea, Germany, etc., such as Density, Hardness, Tensile Strength, Elongation at Break, Thermal Stability, Color Matching, etc.

To maintain the constantly good quality of our output, we follow very strict quality control of raw material input and assure reputed sources: PVC resin (from Formosa Taiwan, self- sufficient Calcium Carbonate source (we have our limestone quarries), Plasticizers (from Akyeung Korea), many other additives.

Outstanding exporting experience, especially in the USA.

Green PVC JSC – Nhat Huy Group – has been in the business of exporting PVC compound for over 19 YEARS (since 2004). We have established a solid customer presence in many major markets around the world, including the USA. This market represents a significant portion of our customer base.

Therefore, we know clearly the procedures to export to the USA market, for example:

– Fumigation standard

– Special packaging method: 55 lbs kraft bags, 2205lbs jumbo bags, 1764 lbs gaylords

– Delivery time

– Ocean freights to USA main ports: LAX, LGB, NYC, CHI, HOU, Miami, Philadelphia, Boston…

With an annual output capacity of up to 20,000 tons, we have established ourselves as a reliable source for all customers’ requirements. Our expertise in this field allows us to offer competitive pricing for all our products and services.

Green PVC also participates in some of the most significant international trade fairs dedicated to processing plastics and rubber. This is the most important event for the industry, with a high presence of exhibitors and international visitors: the participation of Green PVC is, therefore, undoubtedly an important moment to consolidate its presence in the important market.

Some of the international trade fairs that we have attended.

  • Kplas: the world’s premier plastics and rubber trade fair.
  • MEE: The most comprehensive overview of exhibitions and trade fairs around the world for plastics, rubber, recycling, packaging, machinery, and technology.
  • PlastIndia: Global manufacturers will offer the latest technologies, equipment, and solutions. You will learn about the field’s latest innovations, trends, and environmentally friendly technology solutions.
  • Arabplast in the Middle East, with plastics and chemicals accounting for the largest share of global crude demand growth by 2030.
  • IPF Bangladesh: The leading trade event for the plastic, packaging and printing Industries in Bangladesh.

Competitive FOB Prices.

Because of cheaper raw materials in Asia, our FOB prices of both flexible and rigid PVC compounds are so attractive.

BEST PRICES EVER: No matter which quality you require: Bedding Cable PVC compound, Standard PVC compound (ST1, ST2. TM1. TM2. Ti3…), or Flame retardant low smoke PVC compound, we guarantee to offer you A MUCH MORE FAVORABLE OFFER than your current suppliers. With our own CaCO3 factory and Economies of Scale (1500-2000MT of monthly capacity), we have successfully managed to reduce costs to the maximum, therefore, offering our customers THE MOST COST-EFFECTIVE PRICES ever.

FOB price Haiphong800-1200 USD/ton
ApplicationPipes, Fittings, Elbows, Tees, Bushings, Unions, Flanges, Adapters, Ball valves… Flexible hoses, Food Hoses, Pressure hoses, Fuel/gas conveyors, Garden and fire hoses… Wires & Cables …
Short Lead TimeWithin 30 days after receiving the deposit or LC swift
Payment TermT/T or L/C or Negotiable