Why use PVC compounds for Wires and Cables?

PVC compounds become important materials for cable protection and insulation: cost savings, fire resistance and durability. Find all the information here about Vietnam PVC wires.

PVC compounds are the main materials used to protect and insulate cables in many applications due to the benefits that PVC cable compounds bring. These include cost effectiveness, fire resistance and durability. PVC compounds can also be combined with a number of additives to provide additional resistance against environmental elements if the application requires it.

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PVC cable compounds of Green PVC

Green PVC manufactures a standard range of PVC cable compounds but if you are looking to find a solution for a specialty application, Green PVC’s experience can help create your own PVC cable compound for your specific requirements.

Due to the continuous promotion of urbanization and the rapid growth of the worldwide building market, the development of many wire and cable products will have favorable growth opportunities. Consumption of construction wire and cable became bustling and growing rapidly. The building wire and cable mainly include the interior wiring cable, prefabricated branch cable, and high-speed data transmission cable, etc. Of course, these products usually have a high quality appearance and are fire resistant.

We have our own PVC compound formulations for use in a variety of Cable applications:
Access Control Cable, Alarm Cable, Automotive Cable, Building Wire, CATV Cable… More specifically, we can customize all properties and colors as customer’s requirements.

See our products: 

Rigid PVC Compound

Flexible PVC Compound

The difference between flexible and rigid PVC compounds

Advantages of Flexible PVC Compound for extrusion:

– Easy running machine
– Excellent Durability 
– Excellent Resistance to shock, traction and aggressive environments
– High fire resistance, Low smoke generating(Wire and Cable)
– Bright and Uniform Color
– Good flexibility

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Green PVC JSC is a PVC compound factory that belongs to Nhat Huy Group. Since its inception, the Board of Directors has oriented the company to develop in the direction of industrial production. Our factory are equipped with modern equipment, machines, and advanced production lines from all over the world.