Why is PVC COMPOUND of Green PVC JSC favored in the LATIN AMERICAN market?

Green PVC’s PVC Compound is favored in the LATIN AMERICAN market because of its modern technology, good value, prompt shipping, and exporting experience. Please find all the information about our PVC compounds here.

PVC COMPOUND (Polyvinyl Chloride Compound) is essentially the raw material used to make end products such as cable and wire insulation and sheathing, automotive cables, shoe soles, garden hoses, refrigerator gaskets, pipe fittings, corrugated pipes, electrical conduits, window profiles, etc. This material combines PVC resin powder, CaCO3, and other essential additives to meet customer quality standards.

Different sources of PVC Compound exist worldwide, such as in Egypt, India, Vietnam, Brazil, and Arab Saudi Arabia.

Why is the PVC Compound of Green PVC JSC from Vietnam famous for its competitive price, high quality, and stability compared to other world sources?

There are four main reasons as below:

State-to-the-art Technology and Strict Quality Control of Output and Input

Green PVC JSC is a UL, ISO 14001-2015, and 9001-2015 certified company, so we strictly follow a quality control management process for our input raw material and output products.  

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, modern laboratory facilities, and an experienced technical department, Green PVC is establishing many highly qualified products to ensure that it sends the best material to the customers. Our output must be tested in our testing laboratory, equipped with the most modern testing machines from Taiwan, Korea, Germany, etc. The test criteria include Density, Hardness, Tensile strength, Elongation at break, Thermal stability, and Color matching…

To maintain the constantly good quality of our output, we follow very strict quality control of raw material input and assure reputed sources: PVC resin (from Formosa Taiwan, sufficient Calcium Carbonate source (we have our limestone quarries), Plasticizers (from Akyeung Korea), many other additives.

Especially towards sustainable development, our PVC Compound material is eco-friendly and non-toxic, and it is Lead-Free, Reach, and RoHS compliant.

Cheap labor and delivery costs to Latin American market ports

Vietnam is listed as one of the markets with the cheapest labor cost globally. All Vietnamese PVC Compound factories are in mountainous areas, which will bring the advantages of abundant and cheap labor costs. This low labor cost advantage helps Green PVC reduce costs and supply our customers with the best FOB price.

Additionally, these days, the ocean freight from Vietnam to leading ports in Latin American countries is very favorable:

–  Veracruz port/Lazaro Cardenas Port, Mexico: 5xxx USD/cont

– Guayaquil port, Ecuador: 1xxx USD/cont

– Buenos Aires Port, Argentina: 5xxx USD/cont

– San Antonio, Punta Arenas, Arica, Iquique Port, Chile: 1xxx USD/cont

– Callao Port, Peru: 1xxx USD/cont

– Barranquilla, Cartagena, Santa Marta, Tumaco, Buenaventura Port, Colombia: 1xxx USD/cont

The ocean freights are now only A FIFTH as in 2024, better than ever.

Good Packaging and Prompt Delivery for the Latin American Market

With a strong logistics team with 14 years of experience working with the Latin American market and extensive facilities, Green PVC‘s Package follows international export standards with strong wooden pallets that are 100% fumigated. We can also provide custom-made PVC Compound packaging per the customer’s requirement to ensure the material is safe when reaching the customer’s hands.

With a short lead time (2 x 20ft containers per day) and an advanced logistics team, we can assure prompt delivery with a reasonable transit time of 40 days from Vietnam to Latin America. Thanks to strongly skilled logistics and a vast network of shipping lines, we can provide cargo delivery service to the customer’s factories in Latin America to help them avoid wasting time in import customs procedures and import duty processes. 

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Long-year PVC exporting experience in the Latin American Market

We are currently exporting PVC granules for many reputed customers such as Nexans group – one of the biggest international wire and cable manufacturers, plastics extrusion, injection manufacturers, and flexible hose factories…

Therefore, we understand the quality and technical requirements of customers there. We could suggest to all Latin American customers the best suitable grade and competitive price for different applications.

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