Transforming challenges into opportunities with Green PVC

Green PVC is dedicated to relentless improvement. As a proud brand of Nhat Huy Group’s esteemed plastic ecosystem chain, we tackle challenges head-on, using them as stepping stones towards confidently expanding our presence in the global market.

Expanding Horizons: Our Global Journey Ahead

Green PVC’s unwavering ambition is to become the foremost manufacturer of PVC Compound in the global supply chain. To achieve this goal, the company recognizes the importance of industry and technology, aiming to establish an international brand. We view this pursuit as a valuable endeavor for the company and a mission to contribute to the country’s future development. With a focus on management improvements and advancements in production and technology, Green PVC has charted a unique path toward success.

Innovation lies at the core of Green PVC’s journey, from its humble beginnings to its current status as an industrial manufacturer. Every day, the company strives to progress and uphold the importance of innovation in its business strategy. To uncover the beauty of industrial production, we are determined to fulfill its century-long dream.

Opportunities with Green PVC: Innovation in action

Green PVC, the latest and most promising contributor to Nhat Huy Group’s plastic ecosystem, is making waves with its exceptional growth and remarkable impact. We prioritize system innovation to cater to our customers’ needs and strive for outstanding performance and sustainability. Our commitment to progress is evident in the numerous changes we’ve implemented in industrial management and production enhancements. These ground-breaking improvements have paved the way for a brand-new factory spanning over 5 hectares, located just 20km away from the previous site. This state-of-the-art facility is equipped with advanced machinery, a testament to our dedication to innovation.

While we continue to produce conventional PVC Compounds, we focus on researching and developing high-end PVC Compounds, including transparent products. By emphasizing quality and cutting-edge solutions, we aim to set new industry standards.

20 Years Strong: Celebrating Our Milestone Together

Transformation is an ongoing process of improvement and creativity. Nhat Huy Group and its renowned subsidiary Green PVC have made a lasting impact in the plastic industry, solidifying their position as a top supplier as they approach their 20th anniversary. Starting its journey in Vietnam with calcium carbonate powder, plastic support materials, and stones, Nhat Huy Group has grown into a diverse business conglomerate with an extensive ecosystem. One of its most notable achievements is acquiring the Green PVC brand and factory, which excels in product scale and quality.

Green PVC prides itself on its experienced staff and advanced technology, which enable it to create high-quality designs that meet the strictest requirements of customers worldwide. Utilizing its reputation and excellence in customer service, Green PVC aims to secure more intricate orders and expand into larger global markets. As Nhat Huy Group celebrates its 20th anniversary, Green PVC stands out as a prominent player in the plastic industry, demonstrating confidence and promising to lead the way in global research and development of PVC Compound.

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Nhat Huy Group is a leading Vietnamese manufacturer and exporter of various products. Founded over a decade ago, we have been doing business with customers worldwide, spreading across five continents.

Green PVC JSC is a PVC compound factory belonging to Nhat Huy Group. Since its inception, the Board of Directors has oriented the company toward industrial production. Our factory has modern equipment, machines, and advanced production lines worldwide.