Exciting News – Green PVC’s New Large-Scale Factory

Green PVC has undergone a remarkable transformation with the establishment of its new factory project. This move signifies their unwavering commitment to becoming the world’s top PVC Compound manufacturer in the global supply chain.

Step inside our new Green PVC factory

Introducing our brand-new, cutting-edge factory! Get ready for the ultimate in efficiency with our state-of-the-art machinery. Here’s what you need to know:

🏭 Area: 5ha

🎗 Expected capacity: 2,000 MTS PVC compound/month

⏱Time to put into operation: December 2023

📍 Product: PVC Compound and another End-product

🛑 Address: Trung Ha Industrial Park, Tam Nong District, Phu Tho Province, Viet Nam

Green PVC is the most recent addition to Nhat Huy Group’s plastic ecosystem and has made a significant impact. We’re constantly striving to enhance the system, ensuring outstanding performance and sustainability for our customers. Recent advancements in industrial management and production have revolutionized our factories and products.

As a testament to this, we’ve invested in a new PVC factory with state-of-the-art technology. In addition to our regular PVC Compound products, our factory will focus on researching and developing special PVC Compounds, including transparent options. Get ready to witness innovation like never before!

Acclaimed Quality meets Highly Competitive Prices

At Green PVC, our top priority is providing quality products at competitive prices. We are a certified ISO 14001-2015 and 9001-2015 company, demonstrating our commitment to maintaining high standards. By implementing strict quality control processes for raw materials and finished products, we ensure our customers receive only the best.

To ensure consistent quality, we carefully monitor the quality of our raw materials. We source our PVC resin from Formosa Taiwan and Calcium Carbonate from our limestone quarries, guaranteeing reputable sources. In addition, our plasticizers come from Akyeung, Korea, along with many other high-quality additives.

In line with our dedication to sustainable development, our PVC Compound material is eco-friendly and non-toxic, meeting Lead-Free, Reach, and RoHS compliance standards.

Worldwide distribution network and lots of big strategic partners

Our extensive global distribution network and numerous strategic partnerships enable us to serve customers worldwide efficiently. With over 7 years of experience, Green PVC has been successfully exporting PVC Compound to various regions in Australia, including Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia, and more. Our monthly export volume stands at an impressive 1,000 metric tons.

We take pride in catering to esteemed clients such as Nexans Group, a renowned wire and cable manufacturer, and several other plastic extrusions, injection, and flexible hose factories worldwide. These partnerships showcase our commitment to delivering exceptional products and services globally.

Come join us! Amazing staff and service at Green PVC

As a proud member of Nhat Huy Group, we prioritize corporate culture internally and with our valued customers. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals dedicated to providing top-notch service. When you choose to work with us, you can expect a seamless collaboration that enhances capabilities and unleashes our employees’ full potential.

At Green PVC, we value continuous growth and development. That’s why we organize various skills training classes for our employees, led by reputable managers and experts. These sessions boost their expertise and help them discover untapped abilities. As a result, our employees become more productive, efficient, and trusted by our customers. We are confident that you will be delighted with our personnel’s quality and the satisfaction they bring to your experience.

With this exciting development, we aim to increase our productivity and expand global market share. We also commit to supporting customers by delivering cost-effective, superior products that help stabilize their operations and reduce overall expenses. Stay up-to-date on our website for more details on this groundbreaking project and how it can take your business to new heights.

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Nhat Huy Group is a leading Vietnamese manufacturer and exporter of various products. Founded over a decade ago, we have been doing business with customers worldwide, spreading across five continents.

Green PVC JSC is a PVC compound factory belonging to Nhat Huy Group. Since its inception, the Board of Directors has oriented the company toward industrial production. Our factory has modern equipment, machines, and advanced production lines worldwide.