Advantages Of Producing Injection Moulded Pipe Fittings

10/09/2021 11:17:12 Posted by MKT (1) comment
The PVC compound industry is usually an industry with diverse applications with many different production methods of plastic resin compounds to produce practical products for daily life activities. Depending on the scale of production, we have many various ways to create vinyl fittings. Because PVC compounds have flexible physical properties and can adjust for different flexibility or hardness, the most common method to create PVC products is the molding technique or injection ... ...
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Four changes that PVC Compound has evolved over the years

09/30/2021 17:33:00 Posted by MKT (0) comment
PVC compound is considered the material with the most extended history in industrial production with more than 100 years of development from the time it was first discovered to today becoming a significant industry for the industry existence of the world. As a longstanding PVC compound manufacturer, we know the history and development of the materials we produce and supply large stocks to the globe. It is possible to summarize the four stages that are considered as a significant m... ...
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