How to distinguish standard PVC Compound

08/27/2021 22:04:00 Posted by MKT (0) comment
PVC Compound – the popular material is plastic industry Polyvinyl Chloride is the full name of this material or Vinyl for short. PVC is present in most of the items around us. PVC compounds are essentially raw materials used to create end products that are used in daily life. In addition to the well-known product applications such as wires & cables, shoe soles, household plastics, faucets, and pipes, few people notice that even the 70’s CDs, the plastic seats from the 80’s or t... ...
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Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know about PVC

02/20/2021 09:34:00 Posted by Lam (2) comment
Polyvinyl Chloride, popularly referred to as PVC, is the world’s third most used synthetic plastic polymer - next to polyethylene and polypropylene. Naturally white and brittle, PVCs are prevalent in construction, healthcare and food preparation applications. So, what do you know about PVC? Discovery PVC was accidentally discovered, not once but twice! It was first stumbled upon in 1835 by the French chemist, Henri Victor Regnault and then it was rediscovered by the German, E... ...
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