A fundamental principle of PVC compounds

03/02/2022 17:12:00 Posted by MKT (0) comment
PVC has the full chemical name of Polyvinyl Chloride, abbreviated as Vinyl. PVC compound is a raw material used to create many products used in everyday life, from common household items to unique industrial products. Structure of PVC compounds As a thermoplastic, PVC is made of 57% chlorine (derived from industrial salts) and 43% carbon (primarily derived from oil/gas via ethylene). This chlorine gives PVC excellent fire resistance. PVC has high stiffness and mechanical pr... ...
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Differences between flexible and rigid PVC compounds

12/08/2021 00:42:00 Posted by MKT (0) comment
PVC ( polyvinyl chloride ) is a thermoplastic polymer used in many fields of construction, healthcare, food packaging, car parts, raincoats, and toy manufacturing... come in a variety of shapes and sizes - not to mention they also come in a variety of hardnesses. Flexible and rigid PVC compounds are used in the manufacture of different products based on their properties and physical characteristics. So what is the basic difference to distinguish between rigid PVC & flexible PVC c... ...
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